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The Ideal Skin Care Routine Survey and Poll

As I was writing various section for the Ideal Routine Portal/Page, I came across an idea with which I was quite conflicted: I plan to make a lot of product recommendations for each type of skin care product and more for several specific types of ingredients. I’m trying to include only the best of the best. … Continue reading

When you see someone give out wrong information (online), what do you do?

In most cases, I would correct the person right then and there. What’s important to me, is that everyone (who reads the response of course) knows what’s actually the correct “answer.” Or at least, my response will further broaden a reader’s perspective on the subject being discussed.

What part of your routine do you rely on to control excess oil?

How often do you change your skin care routine?

How much do you care that your makeup contains SPF?

If you were suddenly cursed with a severe form of a common skin disorder, which would you least hate to have?

If there was one skin care ingredient whose importance you could share with everyone, what would it be?

How much are you willing to spend on a single skin care product?

Which series are you most excited to read about?

How do you think I’m doing so far?

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