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My Top Estee Lauder Products, Gift Sets, Gift With Purchase

My Top Estee Lauder Products, Gift Sets, Gift With Purchase

Before I start with the whole advertising spiel, I’d for you guys to let me know (and please be honest), your thoughts in terms of me advertising about Nordstrom and Estee Lauder events on here. Is it annoying? Pointless? Does it take away from the original experience and reason that brought us all together in the … Continue reading


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The goal of this blog is to provide educational posts about every topic of concern that you may come across as you attempt to build your "ideal" skin care and foundation routines. Everything on this blog, unless otherwise noted, will be based on information obtained from credible sources, such as medical journals and other centralized locations, such as PubMed.

I will never, EVER give advice or suggest a product that I don't believe in. Click the "About" link on the top right-hand corner to get a glimpse into my logic and rationalization of why I can't be "bought" by any skin care company or hype. I know it's hard to believe, but I'm here to help you, the reader. That's it.

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Finished! Best plate I've seen in recent memory! LOL. Move over Bath & Body Works. These candles from Target smell just as good, if not better. Thank you @Michelle1218! The floors are FINALLY done throughout the house. Time to move back in a second time. LOL Wtf... I super very dislike you summer. Pretty new bathroom!! Everything is new. Well, except for the trashcan. LOL

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