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Come Out! (With Your Skin Care)

Come Out! (With Your Skin Care) Template

As of Feburary 4th, 2013 I have suspended all future routine requests because there are too many scheduled. Furthermore, once I finish the “Ideal Routine” Page, readers will be able to come up with their own ideal routines by themselves. Readers should only submit a request if they still encounter issues with their skin/routines after reading that thoroughly. Thank you.

Hey everyone!

clipboardI’m just going to quickly explain how this series will work. If you would like to have your ENTIRE skin care routine reviewed, please send an email titled “Skin Care Review Request-(Name)” to john@thetriplehelixian.com. I’d prefer that you send the request via email because I want the comments on this series to be about the specific reviewed routines. Twitter won’t have enough space for you to type, and the Facebook wall can get overly crowded. Plus, there’s the issue of privacy. Therefore, please send your request to my email.

Now, in order for me to truly help you figure out how your skin care regimen is affecting your skin, I need you to answer a few questions when you submit the request. Here is the list of MANDATORY questions:

  • What’s the climate usually like in your surrounding area, and where you spend the most time?
  • How oily is your skin?
  • After washing your face and not applying anything for an hour, how does your face feel and look overall?
  • Are you acne-prone, and where?
  • How often do you break out in those areas, and what type of acne? (White/blackheads, pustules, papules, cysts)
  • Do you get a lot of scarring after your acne is gone? (Physical marks or surface discoloration)
  • How often is your face naturally red, and to what degree?
  • How easily does your skin flush due to exercise or strong emotion, etc.?
  • Do any of your skin care products cause your skin to flush or turn red, which one(s)?
  • Does your skin burn after using any of your skin care products, which one(s)?
  • When you go into the sun, do you burn or tan, and in what order?
  • Do you have any freckles?
  • Do you smoke or use tanning beds?
  • How old are you?
  • Have you already been diagnosed with a skin condition?
  • Do you have any other concerns about your skin(care)?
  • This is completely OPTIONAL, but you can choose to submit a PHOTO(S) (sans makeup of course) showing your problems/areas of concern.
  • And of course, list the products that you’re using and try to be as detailed as possible when describing your routine. For example, do you pat dry or rub your skin after cleansing? How long do you wait between applying products? Things like that. You can also send me a video (link) of you actually doing your regular skin care routine. Again, the VIDEO is completely OPTIONAL.
  • Please note that any and all information, except the list of products used and a brief summary of your skin type and concerns, will not be seen by anyone other than myself and will be guarded with the strictest confidence. The information won’t even be stored on my computer’s hard drive. In addition, once I have retrieved the information from my email, it will promptly be deleted from that account. Maybe you think I’m going overboard, but even though I’m not a doctor yet, I’d like to begin building a solid ethics code as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that some genius hacker or program could theoretically retrieve that information, but really, you shouldn’t be sending me something that intimate or sensitive anyways.
  • If and when your routine is posted, I will notify you through email that one, your routine has been posted and two, what alias I have assigned to you. Whether or not you choose to acknowledge that a particular routine is yours via the comment section, is completely up to you.
  • Finally, like I said in my Disclaimer, I’m not a dermatologist or any type of medical professional, so if you choose to follow my advice, you bear full responsibility for any consequences. Though I will try my very best and look under every rock to try and help you guys out, please take my advice with a grain of salt.

I will be posting ONE review per week, though that may change depending on how few or many requests I receive. Again, in the comments section, please try to comment only on the reviewed routine just so we stay on track. Like you can say, “Hey! I use that product, too!” Or that you don’t agree with one of my comments. Anything like that will be greatly appreciated! If your review request is not chosen, don’t worry, I will try to get to it in the coming weeks! Have fun and submit away!

Note, if your routine, after a few months or a reasonably long period of time since submission, still hasn’t been featured in this series, then send me another email to let me know that you’re still interested. You don’t need to answer the questions again; just let me know that you still want me to review your routine.

Second note, if your skin has severe problems and/or you have already been diagnosed with some peculiar condition, I will send you an email telling you that I won’t be able to review your routine. For example, if someone sends me a photo with severe acne, he or she will be denied because that condition needs to be addressed ASAP by a board-certified dermatologist.

Third and final note, and the most exciting if I may say so, if you choose to follow my advice for a significant (relatively) period of time and gives me a detailed (relatively) update on how his/her skin is responding to the new routine, your response will be given ITS OWN POST! And I will respond with my own thoughts of course. You could say its a way for you to have a GUEST POST on this site! Of course if you have a blog or something you’d like to share, you may provide a link. I think it’d be a fun and educational way that will benefit both parties! Any “updates” will be included in a completely separate series. In no way will the choice or promise to give an “update” affect whose routine gets reviewed or when that happens.

About John

The Triple Helixian is an unbiased science and research-based site that attempts to clarify and elucidate questions about skin care, while aspiring to be the most thorough and complete source of information.


2 thoughts on “Come Out! (With Your Skin Care) Template

  1. This is incredible, thanks for offering to do this, John.
    I’ll try to get my profile together as soon as I’ve finished preparing for a work presentation.
    ps I’m a die-hard Paula’s Choice fan too. 🙂

    Posted by BooBooNinja | December 5, 2011, 6:55 pm

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