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How do you deal with sales associates who tell you about nonsensical skin care “facts?”

I just politely nod and smile, while occasionally saying, “Ah.” Or, “Wow, I didn’t know that.” But I do listen to everything that they say, and I just come up with my own rationale or reasoning about why a certain statement or claim that they say, is wrong. I used to just block them out entirely, but by listening to what they have to say, it helps gauge me on common misconceptions and ideas that I can address here, on the blog. It further allows me to brainstorm new topics to discuss.

I mean sales associates are there because of it’s their job to appear confident and make a sale. I won’t hold it against them for being a bit over-exaggerated or misinformed. There’s no point of me getting up in their faces and telling them that they’re wrong because of so and so. Unfortunately, I can’t help everyone in the world. But at least I’ll start with those, like you fantastic readers, that seek help and knowledge. For some, ignorance is simply bliss.

What about you guys? And please elaborate. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “How do you deal with sales associates who tell you about nonsensical skin care “facts?”

  1. I had one of those ‘moments’ a couple of months ago. I was literally pounced on by a young guy who worked for hmmm, it is one of those booth thingys that they have in shopping centres BRB going to ask Mr Google.

    Ah thanks Mr G – it’s ‘Seacret – minerals from the dead sea’. I could not get away. He plonked me on a chair and proceeded to put goop on my face (not Gwyneth of course, I mean cream) and just bombarded me with all this gobbledegook about Nano technology and Dead Sea Minerals and so forth. On and on with all this absolute baloney – such obvious spin I couldn’t help but challenge him on some points.

    Meanwhile one of the creams is stinging my face….

    So he removed that and half of my perfectly reasonably applied makeup! All the while I could smell cigarettes on his fingers (total gross out).

    I asked him a whole bunch of questions (sorry my memory is a little hazy it was vaguely traumatic) particularly about the actual size of the Nanospheres and how they knew where to go and not to go and all sorts of objections that I vaguely recalled reading a day or so earlier (cool co incidence). I also asked him about exfoliants and all sorts of quasi ‘skin care intellectual’ questions. He was totally clueless and only knew the company spiel.

    After all this he still tried to sell me some of the products – one of which seriously irritated my skin for something like $180 and then offered a super ‘deal’ at the reduced price of $130 ish.

    How did he get me in the first place. I was tired and distracted and he disarmed me with an odd comment about my face.

    The encounter really shook me for quite awhile and I absolutely avoid that part of the city whenever I am in there.

    Not sure if that totally answers the question, but I feel better 🙂

    Posted by Melinda | March 21, 2012, 2:40 am
    • Omg I actually know what you’re talking about! There are two of those exact same booths at my local mall. Ugh, I absolutely hate their tactics of getting attention. For example, they’ll point to my shoe and be like, what’s that? Not that I care.

      The important thing is to not make eye contact. Even if they wave at you or address you, just politely say no, and KEEP WALKING! Once again, no need to make eye contact.

      Sorry to hear you had that awful experience. People will do anything for money. Like I said to you before for the “department store counter” situation, just remember that you’re so much more informed than they are. You shouldn’t have to lower yourself to their level by dealing with them. There’s no need to be catty by any means; just say no and keep walking! xD

      Thanks for commenting as always!

      Posted by John | March 21, 2012, 5:05 pm

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