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What skin care product do you really want to try next? Why?

The next category of products I want to try is a water-soluble vitamin C serum, such as the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic (which I probably won’t just because it’s SO expensive), or various alternatives that Nicki from FutureDerm suggested HEREMost likely, I’d go with the Timeless dupe since Nicki likes it (in a completely personal way) more than the Cosmetic Solutions one. While in that post, she doesn’t state a scientific reason for this preference, I can come with a few possible ones. Because the pH of the “dupes” are slightly higher than that of the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, that means that less of the L-ascorbic acid will be in the “free acid” or active form. So a higher %, like that in the Timeless Serum (20% vs 15%) may makeup for that apparent weakness. However, one argument against this rationalization is that the 20% is composed of both L-ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, instead of pure 15% L-ascorbic acid. And we don’t know how much of each ingredient constitutes the 20% summation. But at only $30, I’d happily test-drive the Timeless serum.

Now, I know I’ve stated before that I don’t like the fact that all of these are packaged in dropper bottles, which will largely reduce efficacy due to oxidation of the various antioxidants. This is another (HUGE) reason why I’d rather shell out $30 instead of $150.

Okay, so the REASONS I’d like to try a water-soluble vitamin C serum is because, while I’ve read a lot of information about them and done my own research;

  • I’d like to see what kind of physical effects they’d have on the skin: How strong is the exfoliating action? What kind of difference will manifest on my skin compared to my lipid-soluble vitamin C serum (Paula’s Choice Super Antioxidant Serum).
  • Furthermore, I’ve read the infrared light (which is part of sunlight) can also damage the skin like UV light. I haven’t done my own research (which I will), but renowned dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann in this post: (http://health.yahoo.net/experts/skintype/new-sunscreen-rules-mean-you) states that serums like the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic acid can protect against infrared light. Again, she didn’t cite any studies, but I will certainly include any and all relevant information (after I’ve done my own research) about this topic in the “Sun Protection” Page. With summer coming up, I’m probably going to finish that Page first.
  • Finally, I’d like to try this under my sunscreen in place of the PC Super Antioxidant Serum, which is silicone based and hence has a thicker in texture. You know me and my oily skin! I’m always looking to apply less and/or thinner layers of product, while preserving the maximum amount of efficacy and potency!

What about you guys? What product are you dying to try out? Share your thoughts!

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18 thoughts on “What skin care product do you really want to try next? Why?

  1. There’s now way I can do the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic under sunscreen&makeup. It feels super greasy. I got a sample from the pharmacy (I live in Germany) and I hated it. It just sat on my skin and it made my pores appear huge (I have combo to oily skin). I want to try Paula’s RESIST C15 Super Booster but it’s not and it will not be available in Europe because of EU laws (laws agains vit.C?? For God’s sake, we have legal prostitution and marijuana in Europe).I would be super happy if you would review the RESIST C15 Super Booster, since for me buying it from the US is a big investment (40something bucks for transportation plus import taxes). Love your blog btw, just discovered it today and am very excited.

    Posted by Sandra | October 10, 2013, 9:46 am
  2. Hi John. I don’t know if you’ll see this, given that this is an old posting. In a recent posting by Nicky


    she recommenders the Cosmetic Solutions C+E serum as her favorite “budget” option to the FutureDerm or Skinceuticals Vit C serums. However, in the post you’re referring to from 2012, she clearly prefers the Timeless serum over the Cosmetic Solutions product. A number of her readers have left questions for her about why she didn’t include the Timeless serum, which she previously highly recommended, in this more current post but unfortunately she has not responded. Do you have any opinions about the Timeless vs. the Cosmetic Solutions serums?

    Posted by madeline | August 2, 2013, 5:26 pm
    • I believe I answered via email. But yeah, I’d recommend neither due to the packaging.

      Posted by John | August 12, 2013, 8:22 am
      • Hi I was wondering whether your recommend Futurederm as it too is a packaging dropper? I realize you post on their site also so I would greatly value your opinions and thoughts. Thanks!

        Posted by Kimberly | September 3, 2013, 5:25 pm
        • Yeah, unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend it either; regardless of what “microencapsulation” claims are attached to it.

          Posted by John | September 3, 2013, 6:42 pm
          • Thank you for such honesty! I am now looking at Paula’s Vitamin C tho it too is a dropper 😦 and I have reservations about them all. Not about whether Vitamin C serums work as i believe in their value- but delivery system, potential for results given the various formulations. I trusted your opinions on Paula’s Choice products that I have ordered recently so thx again for ur posts. Guess I will have to keep doing more research before I dive into vitamin c serum. Btw been missing not having new posts from you tho grateful u respond to comments! Caroline Herons’ blog and amodelrecommends blogs tout Alpha H liquid gold, Double cleansing, Emma Hardie balms, and lots of other interesting products rarely heard of stateside. I’d love to see you post on some of these as I find so much value into your insights for products and science info on products. Again much appreciated and hoping things are well for you.

            Posted by Kimberly | October 6, 2013, 11:35 pm
  3. I have a clarisonic and I enjoy it, it’s far from magical, but a good point I’ve heard is it’s basically the difference between manual and electric toothbrushes. Some prefer one or the other, and if you tend to love using an electric toothbrush the Clarisonic may be something you’d enjoy as it just feels a bit cleaner and smoother. I can’t use it every day as would be suggested, but it’s a nice addition. My boyfriend also has one and he finds it really helps with his shaving routine (he has quite sensitive skin). It’s a lot about personal preference, but if you already incorporate exfoliation into your routine regularly and cleanse properly it’s probably not necessary.

    As far as skincare items I want to try…. would be the Jan Marini line. I have the Glycolic cleanser, and am interested in the other BioGlycolic products and the masks and treatments. It’s quite expensive which is what has deterred me this far. The boutique which carries it here doesn’t accept returns either, and I hate buying such expensive things without being able to get some kind of discount. Have you heard/tried much of her products?

    Posted by mildlyaddictive | May 16, 2012, 2:35 pm
    • I haven’t tried the Jan Marini line, probably because like for you, it’s difficult to obtain. Also, it may also be out of my price range. I haven’t really explored that line, but I can if you’d like. I mean, it’s not that difficult looking at an ingredient list and then evaluating its potential efficacy. If you’ve got product review requests, send them my way.

      Posted by John | May 16, 2012, 8:08 pm
  4. I’m “dying to try out” Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator Dark Spot Corrector. It’s awfully expensive. 😦
    Why? I have a few medium-darkness sun spots that have been unresponsive to PC’s hydroquinone products. 😦 😦

    Posted by BooBooNinja | May 16, 2012, 1:46 pm
  5. Well now I want to try the PC Antioxidant serum 🙂

    I thought I had Vit C covered with the two different Resist serums that I use (the daily resurfacing and the retinol one, I was sure one had Vit C in it) – now am totally confused and feel like I am missing out on the party.

    I did want to try the Shu Umera (or however you spell it) cleansing oil, but I suspect it is a bit pointless. I also secretly want a Clarisonic – have managed to resist. I would like to have a go at some body lotions and hand creams with stuff (some sort of acid I guess) in them.

    Posted by Melinda | May 14, 2012, 3:10 am
    • The new Retinol one does contain a bit of vitamin C, and in all honesty, probably has about 1% vitamin C, while the PC Antioxidant Serum has I’d guess 2%. I’m not sure you’ll see a big difference. However, the latter contains a lot of other beneficial ingredients and over time, can affect change. Don’t feel like you’re missing out. If all else fails, do what I do: alternate two products you love and can’t decide between yet, and keep doing that until you can. Lol!

      As for the Clarisonic… really I know you probably see a ton of glowing and positive reviews that swear that it changed their lives. And I know that you just WANT to believe and have it be true!

      But trust me, it is just a form of physical exfoliation… There’s nothing magical about it. Really if all else fails, and I’m not encouraging this, if you MUST try it… both Clarisonic, Sephora, and QVC have excellent return policies. But I’m telling you, it’s nothing special. 😦

      Posted by John | May 14, 2012, 10:15 am
      • Well it is a long way to return it from the land of snakes and spiders 🙂 so I will continue to be smug and just say no when I read the glowing reviews and spend my money on other things.

        Are you saying you wouldn’t layer the PC anti-ox serum and the Resist Retinol together?

        I suspect I have to do something drastic as with the change of seasons my skin is dry, dull and quite congested. I am not liking my skin at all at the moment, maybe it is time to go and have a facial/extraction/peel or something.

        It is actually coldish here now at night around (thank you google for temperature converter) 46F at night but around 72 during the day with clear blue skies (I am guessing that isn’t really cold in your part of the world – it is really nice though).

        Posted by Melinda | May 14, 2012, 2:38 pm
        • You can layer the two serums if you’d like. I personally don’t like that because the two textures aren’t the most compatible. The retinol serum also has some occlusive emollients that may prevent penetration. I’d just like to be safe and use them separately.

          Posted by John | May 14, 2012, 9:29 pm

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